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They made it to the top of Kilimanjiro with our Home-Start RAW flag – on top of Africa’s highest mountain!

Alice, Katie, Rachel and Georgia made it all the way to the very top of Kilimanjiro – with our Home-Start RAW flag with the help of their four guides.  It’s an amazing achievement ladies and you should be very proud.  We at Home-Start RAW are so proud to see our flag with you and to know that you have already exceeded your fundraising target and have already raised £1378.13 for us.  You can still donate via their fundraising page at  www.justgiving.com/fundraising/kili-climb2017.

Alice wrote;

“The first four days of walking were very pleasant as we gradually reached higher altitudes. In the afternoon of our fourth day, we reached the Kibo huts at 4720m, the base camp for Kilimanjaro, and set off for our final ascent at midnight that evening. We walked through the night in darkness, using moonlight and head torches to see the way. The altitude affected us all in different ways and at different stages of the walk, from nausea and headaches, to difficulty in breathing and serious fatigue. However, we battled through and finally reached the peak at 8am. We were absolutely overcome with emotion, but were so proud that we made it to the top, as many walkers did not make it all the way. We then had a three hour walk back down to base camp”.